Unique collection of 3D and role-playing fantasy porn pics.The stunning Christina Carter is dragged into our boiler room for some rough and dirty bondage sex, hard flogging and ass worship. With her her tits tied tight nasty weights are hung from her labia and she begs to be forced to cum. G-spot orgasm and g-spot orgasm are ripped from her cunt as she proclaims that no one has ever done that to her before. Addicted to Chanta's magic fingers it becomes clear Christina will do just about anything to have her g-spot massaged again so we put her mouth to work, first on Chanta's ass and then on her cock.
Pretty In Pinktits and clit torture artWhen Xander's sexy girlfriend, Amara Romani, cheats on him with his Best Bro, Seth Gamble, the two Bros team up to teach the little Ho a lesson in bondage, manhandling and rough anal sex! Slutty Amara thinks she is on her way to hook up with Seth behind her boyfriend's back, but Xander surprises her in a dark alley and takes her to a remote hotel room where Seth is waiting. Amara is shocked to learn that these two guys are in it together and a great take down scene is unleashed! Amara is manhandled, stripped naked, bound and fucked in all her slutty holes by both guys. Xander and Seth pull Double Domination Duty as they pass Amara back and forth like a sexual rag doll, fucking her however they wish till she is completely drunk on cock and come. Amara loves being put in her place by these two guys and learns the real meaning of the saying BROs Before HOs!
The words scrawled across Hazel Hypnotic's chest give a simple request, Spanking Family - TGP Site - First spanking family soap opera on the web. Daily updated, 2 full films every week. Hard canings, hard spankings, hard discipline, exclusive sexy young models. Free photos and videos.Sweating nude stretching done by a special trainee

Training Report


	fear gets in the way, an obstacle to her achievements
	slavehood is not easy
	she wants the pain, learns to love the bruise

Formative assessments:

	halfway point check in
	does still think life is supposed to be fair?
	have her fantasies of punishment been met?
	reinforced lack of status?
	where is her ego now?
	how is her anal training coming along?
	use the single tail liberally to impress pertinent points


	invade her quarters for a 7 AM inspection
	drill her on her abstinence this week
	work her fear of the cattle prod
	shock her cunt to teach her composure
	tease her cunt and deny her orgasms
	assign Berlin to handle the trainee's task list
	make clear the consequence of Berlin's failure to motivate her charge
	assess the trainee's pussy eating skills
	see to it they are both thoroughly fucked and used 


	she can take more than she thinks she can
	Improved focus and deep throating skills
	trust conquers fear, discomfort and pain

Rain always requests the most extreme trip on the menu. This time she wants to feel what it's like to be manhandled, bound, scared and put under total control. Her adventure begins when I lead her out back of the barn by a the metal cable around her throat. Her journey is not going to end until I have heard enough of her pained and terrified screams.
The old man told me he doesn't trust OT. The shoots are getting shorter. The bondage seems lame and OT doesn't seem to be taking the time to build anything interesting anymore. That's why he hired me. My job was to visit the west coast studio and investigate.   PD never told me that most of the cool gear was at the farm out of OT's hands. He never mentioned the size of the studio or that there was no real workshop. OT sure showed me though.Normally, we baby and coddle new girls. We take it
slow, easing them into the BDSM experience. Not today.
If you're dating Lew Rubens, then you get no special
treatment and we will come at you full tilt. You be
subjected to four Category 5 ties (our hardest). You
will be hung by your hair. You will be hung by your
ankles with rope. You will be put in the most
back-arching hogties and suspended. You will suffer a
full wrist suspension with your head held back to an
ass hook. You will be overloaded with pain, pleasure,
and even severe tickling. After, you will smile about
Sabrina had a great time even though we overwhelmed
her. We Hogtied folks had a great time.  Dare I call
this another Hogtied Classic?Karmen Karma gets taught how to be a good submissive by James Deen in this BDSM sex movie.
When protest leader Sadie Santana becomes a problem for a leading candidate, the campaign dispatches The Fixer.  Tommy Pistol handles the the problem with his usual aplomb and toolbox of hardcore BDSM Action and Rough Anal Sex!Hooded and masked hottie Sadie Santana is a strong willed protester with an attitude! Tommy chips away at her searing will with heavy humiliation, gags, whips, bondage, sexual interrogation and straight up hardcore sexual domination.When you want to hear every sigh, squeak, scream and shriek you can from a beautiful Japanese model like Marica Hase you need to be patient. Each one is going to come it its own time. First, heavy breathing of anticipation. Then, squeaks as Cyd begins to explore her body. Shortly after comes a few pained screams as he tests her boundaries. And finally, as he vibrates her, the shrieking orgasms.
Master Lens is up to his old suspension and caning tricksHazel Hypnotic is not just an average bondage lover. Just the thought of doing live BDSM for an anonymous audience gets her dripping wet. Whenever she performs for us it is another chance to have her darkest desires fulfilled. I guess that is why she begs and pleads for every opportunity to show us how much she wants to please us. May 25th she will get her chance, and it will stream live in HD.best amateur bdsm xxx
Sabrina works at a well in an open field on a scorching summer day.  Her master,  Steve Holmes, arrives with one of his slave girls, CJ, and is disappointed with Sabrina's productivity.  She is punished and put to better use by sexually servicing him.  In tight bondage, she sucks cock and gets fucked in the ass!Mean Amazon Bitches.com Where Voluptuous round women smother helpless little wimps into subordination

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hardcore tits torture
Dia Zerva thought she was going to a modeling gig. Seeing Sister Dee tied up and gagged should have let her know this was going to be rough.Penny Barber and Mollie Rose are two sides of the same coin. On one side is Penny, the beautiful brat. She likes to antagonize her tormentors to see what they are made of and get them to push her to her limits. On the other is Mollie. She is as compliant as they come, suffering gladly since every bit of pain pushes her closer to an orgasm. They give us plenty of reasons to play with our best toys.heavy electric torture tits and cunt
When slutty club chick Alena Croft is taken captive by a brooding sociopath, she is kept in his basement as a plaything for when he is bored. Until one day when she tries to escape, she gets lost in the cavernous basement and realizes that there is no way out.The update includes hard anal sex, bondage, dominance and submission, erotic captivity and big fake tits.Pale exotic redhead Jessica Ryan has piercing blue eyes and a smile that makes you want to stuff her holes full of dick. Which is exactly why she is here today. Today is a day that Jessica will not be forgetting anytime soon.This red-hot babe pot fox comes on set with all the practice a pro porn starlet has. She knows how to suck, boink, take it like a champion, and give all her service with a sneer. That is all lovely and good, but we want to observe this bitch put on brim, that grin off her face, and orgasms that suck her little brain out... so lets play.Tara is quite a raunchy beaver. We embark of with caning one of the most sensitized regions on a woman - her vagina. Tara at first takes it, sighs thru the pain, and attempts to maintain her composure. The situation quickly decomposes though into a moist eyed, strenuous breathing, trying to escape from the ache warm cunt. They seem so much sexier when they attempt and bashful away from something that is unpreventable and brutal. With all the writhing, she does not seem to need the bench anymore, so its taken away and she is entirely draped in an powerful back arch. My palm easily fits into her cunt and in the kicking off she is instantly fisted, draped, and stimulated into highly intense orgasms. Game on, Tara.Second, our blondie bombshell is bound in an upright tabouret position against a rafter. Her mounds are cruelly secured with twine and her hair pulled up, so she can't move away from the activities in store for her. Tara has a ginormous mouth and can blow trunk like a champ, but i'd like to push it. Observe the drool and terror wash across her face from cock choking breath play rush Tara with anxiety from lack of air. Face punching, slapping, orgasm control... the amount of orgasms she has are strenuous and profuse. Unable to close her legs, the blonde whore has no choice but to submit to the practice.Finally, Tara is on her back, like all good whores should be. She gets a ultra-cute huge lubricious assfucking butt-plug in her ass that gets secured with a groin rope. Her ass and pearl are pretty unhappy. Add nipple forceps, and a vibrator, and she doesn't know whether she is feeling ache or enjoyment. The strenuous ejaculations she is made to unleash tell the true story of whats going on. The groin/anal predicament is released and her holes are up for grabs. Pummeling her, squeezing every bit of cum from her body, we end the day with a thoroughly used hoe will all fuckholes wet and dripping.
cunt and tits torture picsJoin us on the upper floor for Peter Acworth's Birthday Blowout!Tiger Benson Tied and SpankedRenee was in from NYC visiting SF & just HAD to check out the Armory.  She loves porn & loves sex & really wanted to show her stuff.  I could not pass up such a beauty and just had to grab her for a Casting Couch.
There is something about readheads and bondage with me.  I love seeing pale skin turn beat red as Renee's orgasms build & build till she just explodes! If there was more time, Reneee would have cum & cum & cum & cum....
dee has not been obeying Master AEvie shows another of her many looks in this hot shoot with the Sarge.  The brat is out for the day and sexy sultry vulnerable Evie shows up to entertain us. I LOVE her sexy ballgag lips and her long flowing hair in the tank scene.  Thanks Evie and Sarge for helping me out when I needed it!
ALERT!! Breaking Waterbondage News story!! New changes coming soon!  The dunking time just got changed to 20 seconds!!  Isnt that great!
And...  Me and my main videographer are getting scuba certified!  Can you imagine the hot stuff we are going to do BELOW the surface in cool locations?  I cant wait!!  How bout you?
Ground & Pound PonyVeruca James submits to a horny educator in this torrid role play update.  Includes lots of submissive begging, deep throating, face fucking, hard pounding sex, deep anal, nipple clamps, lashing, choking, intense orgasms and taut bondage.Miserable ex fuckster subdued by mischievous nurses
Sluts are bound in bondageMilking Bay 42Marvelous big hooter, towheaded hair, elastic ass Angel Allwood smashes her way into Slave Training in this super hot introduction of a porno star in the making.Right out of the gate I put her into brutal predicament restrain bondage that tests those molten, sensitive little puffies of hers. Watch her endure for your sensation and you be the judge if she has the stuff to continue.I turn her liberate on hard gimp cock to witness what she can do. She promptly realizes that the number one difference between The Instructing of O and the other porn sites is the TToO damsels Do The Work. That means they do the fucking, they do the sucking, they sweat and juggle and ride and keep going till their muscles fully give out and they literally fall over from shagging so stiff. THAT is what it takes to be a slave in this basement.
Please welcome Angel Cummings to Wiredpussy, actually forget about the girl, let's just welcome those big firm titties. Lorelei ties up and objectifies this newbie, making her suck her clit till she cums, and stuffing her pussy with big strap-on cock. But this is no ordinary lesbian domination scene, Wiredpussy always ups the anti with crazy electrical toys that push even the toughest sluts right to the edge. This pair of hot tits doesn't know what she's in for.Maddy's got a wild imagination and drifts into a dark dream when she lays eyes on Ramon.  In her desire, she escapes a mugging on the streets only to be locked inside a wild cafe where the man of her desires sexually dominates her with rough sex and bondage!  Watch her struggle and be manhandled, get mouth banged, banged and disciplined, tied tight in cord and gagged.

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torture my tits electrical breast tortureHoneymoon Wedlockhardcore hentai bondageWhen bitchy, big tit American tourist Kagney Linn Karter gets caught at the Mexican border with a purse full of pills, the border police are none too pleased with her privileged attitude. Border Policia Marco Banderas puts the busty rich bitch in a cell, handcuffs her, strip searches her and when she protests he shoves his hard cock down her throat to shut her up.Stripped and jailed, Kagney is taken out of her cage only to be used as a plaything for the sadistic guard. He cuffs her to the St Andrews Cross and sexually torments her for fun - that Sick Bastard.When her jailer grows tired of tormenting Kagney's huge, creamy tits, he ties her down and fucks that privileged American bitch right in the ass with his huge Mexican cock. Kagney learns to love the attention, and begs for more as Marco spills his hot seed all over his slutty captive. Kagney takes a hit to her Pride and Privilege, but learns a hard lesson in international relationships.
Talk about a steamy mixture!  Dragonlilly begins out topping Justine Joli, then the tables are revved in an strange way. After that the stunning twosome get to know each other more intimately. In one scene they carry the action all by themselves and I attempt to know my place and linger out of the way. 2 warm girls, lots of taut bondage, many,many climaxes and gallons and gallons of water.  Thats what its all about here right?Prefect PenalizedWelcome Amy Brooke to Hogtied.  Not only does Amy have one of the most flexible, amazing, smoking hot bodies, and ass in Porn, but she is beautiful, smart and genuinely loves her work!
This is our meet and greet with Amy, most of the tying is done on camera.  We test her flexibility, her toughest.  we soon find out Amy is as tough as they come.  The elbow tie is brutal, and we hick it up almost past her head, this would cause most girl to tap out, not Amy.  Amy takes it and we deliver more pain.  We clamp her big nipples and add weights we flog her perfect tan body, we worship her amazing ass, spread her legs and tightly gag her.  When her body is pulled and stretch to the limit we make her cum.  We make her cum until she squirts about 1/2 a gallon of ambrosia out of her pussy.  She is helpless, broken, we own her soul and we intend on wrecking that too.I don't know about you but there is nothing I like more than destroying a beautiful blonde bombshell! Summer Brielle is not only hot but she genuinely loves BDSM, it makes her insanely horny! Watch this gorgeous woman suffer beautifully at the hands of Chanel Preston and see her pussy get off from the punishment!
Sabrina Banks is a hot young little slut eager to learn more about bondage.  She knows a little about rope but is still new to the scene.  In this shoot we have Sabrina spread out, slapped, fucked, flogged, zapped, suspended, and left a squirting mess on the dungeon floor.Isis Love and Cherry Torn are on hand to help slave trainer James Mogul wrangle this little slut into being a usable service whore for the Masters on the Upper Floor. 
This update includes plenty of corporal punishment and copious amounts of pussy service.Veruca James is one of the best cock suckers in the world. She has no trouble deep throating all 10 inches of jackhammer. Or at least she wouldn't if she wasn't strapped down to the most powerful vibrator money can buy. Her skills are put to the test as the sybian tears orgasm after orgasm, each one more intense than the last, from her quivering body.
If Mei Mara had any common sense she would have stayed in her fucking hole. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.Daphne Rosen (one of our top converting Dominatrixes)The total destruction of Darling continues. This bendy bitch has already been fucked silly and has long ago lost the capacity for rational thought. It isn't just subspace. This is a girl who is so high on sex she can see the curvature of the Earth. That's when we strap on the Sybian and send her straight to the moon.Legendary adult icon Kylie Ireland does an amazing BDSM scene for SexandSubmission with Mark Davis!  The chemistry is off the charts as Kylie gets pushed to the max with pain and pleasure.  Includes fisting and double anal with a large ass hook!Getting Off addict Audrey Rose thinks admitting her problem is the first step to her recovery. Tho, medic Gia DeMarco's approach to handling Audrey's fingers wandering into the pinkish, moist folds of her snatch isn't talking about it, it's tying her up and making her submit to some all girl BDSM and electrical toys.

Gia ropes Audrey up with electrical nip forceps and Ems units for a little approach. With rough fucking with electrical dildos while Audrey's restrained to her bed, Gia works the first of many mind-altering climaxes to bring Gia on the path of recovery.

But Gia's not done. Sensing a finer use for the tear up addicted tart, Gia cords a ball gag on Audrey and uses the addict to sate her own carnal cravings, deep throating Gia's pearl until she pops. Gia prizes Audrey with a shocking dual penetration that completes with an even more strenuous orgasm with the assistance of the magic magic wand.

Ultimately, Audrey is suspended with leather straps, while Gia violates her moist and willing holes with an electrified string-on. Though Audrey began her session with the need for self-satisfaction, Gia's substituted it with a greater need for electrical vibration.

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