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Black men.........?
It's just I was watching videos on youtube and I found all these videos of black men bashing black women,they were so disrespectful and I'm not to saying all black men are mean and disrespectful but it seems like as I was younger black boys were always treated the black girls real mean but the lighter skinned girls they treated them with respect. I've kinda gotten to the point I feel like all black men hate black women. I really feel like, I shouldn't try to get a black man because they don't really like me anyways because of my skin color. I feel like sometimes I'd have a better chance, dating out my race then with a black man. Not that i'm saying if I date a non black man there all going to be respectful and polite, but I just think a majority of black men act prejudice against black women. It's like if your light skinned or a light skinned black girl, your treated nicer even if your disgusting and you have the most terrible additude.
You haven't met every black man in the world,just date.Why are you worried about skin color?
Black Men:. . . . .?
Why do SOME of you say so many negative things about black women? Now I know as a white guy, white people have said negative things about everybody. I'm asking a series of these questions because, I asked my fiance' who is black but I don't feel like I'm getting the full scope of the issue. I have date black women my whole life and have found the black women in my cirlce to be hard working, educated, honest, reliable, SEXY AS HELL, and kind. Now I'm not gonna lie and say I have not met some black women that have met the stereotype, I have; however I know a lot of white women who also fit that stereotype, I know latino women who fit that stereotype. It just seems I don't know crazy that some black men say so many negative things about black women, but at the same time have a white woman on thier are, get mad when they see my fiance' (who black) on my arm, and when they get into some kind of trouble the first person they usually call to get them out is . . . .a black woman.
It's sad.........but your so right.....And we (black women) bring them into the world, but some still treat us like crap.....And when we come face to face some seem as if it's the 1st time their meeting us and prior they had only seen us in the National Geographic Magazine.

All I wanna know is what did I (or any other black woman) do to you, for me to be treated in such a manner???

On the flipside,sista's who are with white men could give a rats *** who their being seen by.....they know as long as he treats you good, you have nothing to worry about.And I totally respect that!

You can say whatever you want but some brotha's are just dead wrong! (yes, i said it)
Black men????
why is it that whenever i see black men (wich is all the time) there bodies are more defined and more muscle to them then say a white mans? is it because there skin is a darker shade.
Maybe where your from black men are more into exercise?
BLACK MEN?????????????
when will we realize that it's only when we have money, that a white woman wants us,

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto (who is allegedly his fiancee)
Don Cornelius
Dr Dre and wife Nichole Threatt
Jimmie walker and girlfriend Ann Coulter
Keenan Ivory Wayans and Brittany Daniel
Mekhi Phifer
Taye Diggs and wife Idina Menzel
Terrence Howard
Ahmad Rashad
Alfonso Ribeiro
Arsenio Hall
Bryant Gumbel
Derek Luke
Eddie Griffin
Dave chapple
James Earl Jones
Montel Williams
Quincy Jones
Scottie Pippen
Sidney Poitier
Tigger Woods (even though he's only black when it's convenient for him)
Wayne Brady

Wake up and smell the coffee, they would've been with white women if they was broke, black men come on, stop putting the beautiful black sistas down when we become famous, and picking them back up when we're broke. Please realize that white women only like us for the money.
Those are some pretty broad generalizations
Do you think Black Men will rapidly start to not associate with Black Women after the Inauguration?
As more and more briliant Black Men come into there own do you think that they will continue to move away from Black Women socially as their socioeconomic power increases? White Men were not the only people that place shackles on Black Men.

Moreover, in general Black Women are considered the least attractive by most men.

That Movie Sleeping with the Enemy by Julia Roberts.
For African Americans the "Enemy" is the Black Woman.
You have that backwards. The biggest hurdle Black women face in life is Black men. You don't hear Black women putting down Black men nearly as often as the opposite. Black women are constantly defending Black men to the rest of the world and you thank them by insulting them like this. Your attitude is vile. Just because you hate your own mother don't take it out on all women.
How did the historical dominance of White men over Black men/women affect the relationships of Blacks?
As far as dominance of the man over the woman. Historically Black men have never had much control over Black women, and White men have had more. White men have even had a lot of control over Black men themselves in the United States. In a country/society where the mainstream always promoted men being superior to women, how did this affect how Black people saw each other in relationships??
It is shown that in American history black men are more likely to be family oriented thus decreases the chances of sexism. This is because in slavery one of the things that white men did to keep blacks from rebelling was to threaten his family. A black man didn't rebel against his "master" because the master would threaten to kill his wife and guyren. This developed much more strong bonds within the black community than in the white community.
Why do black women and asian men rarely date outside their race?
It is quite rare to see a black woman with a non-black man, and an asian man with a non-asian woman. A lot of the time you see asian women with white men, and white women with black men though. Why don't asian men and black women dating inter-racially?
because we know whats good 4 us
Why do black men assume that mixed race women want them?
I am mixed (3/4 white 1/4 black) and I find it hilarious when black men automatically assume I want a dark skinned black man just because I am light. I reject about 3-5 black men a week because of this perception. Where does this stereotype come from? I like mixed men, latinos and white men, why are some completely black men offended by this? Is there something I am not getting?
"I reject about 3-5 black men a week because of this perception"


Seriously though. I'm white and even I have the same problem. It's almost like black guys think all women want them.
How come black men who date exclusively out their race are usually rude to black women?
As much as they say black women are haters or act like black men belong to them or what not.
Most of the black men I have known to date interracially HAVE ALWAYS said something bad about black women and that is why they do not like them.
I know plenty of white guys who exclusively like Asian women. I have SELDOM heard them say anything bad about white girls.
People have their preference
How is this a valid argument against black women dating white men?
When black women talk about their frustration with how black men treat them and may choose to date white men...

I have heard the argument that black women will face racism from white men's family if they choose to date them.

This still does not negate the fact that black men are treating black women poorly and it's not defending against how white men will treat them, but rather how society will view bw/wm relationship.

How is this a valid defense?
It isn't a valid argument at all. crappy men come in all do racist families. u dont have to deal with one just to get the opposite of the other (if that's understandable lol). and ur last bit of info lost me too..seems redundant (or some other word that describes unnecessary info).

©, black men