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I Met this lesbian girl at basketball tryouts does I like her does she like me?
Im a little bit more on the Bi - Curious side , There was this girl that came from a different school to try out for my school basket ball team shes a SENIOR playing varsity . Anyways while I was playing my FIRST game of basket ball (I didnt know what the **** I was doing) Everyone could see that but she still passed the ball to me :) Nobody passed it to me they knew I didnt know what to do That was soooooooo sweet and kind of her and shes funny

I was taking a break they needed a SUB to play in the game. And I smiled at her and I was like noo I dont wana play. And she came up to me and took my arm and was like come on you cant be scared to play thats alright if you mess up !.

Shes so sweet, my first time having a lesbian interact with me. What kind of signs should I give her to let her know that I am attracted ?
Just tell her. Homosexual relationships are too hard to come by for you to send "signals." The rise of homosexuality in public life has meant a newer and more rational take on sexual courtship generally, so being up front may not only be welcome but expected for her.

I'm serious. Completely serious. Just go up to her and, in whatever way you feel is best, say "hi, this is awkward for me to say but I find you very attractive. I don't know how you feel about me but I thought I should tell you and, if you want to, we can hang out sometime." Then play it cool and don't make a big deal out of it. She may not be into you and, honestly, you may not actually be as into her as you think. Best course of action is to be up front about your feelings for her and your admitted ambiguity about an actual lesbian relationship.
Why do so many lesbians prefer gay male porn than Lesbian porn ? Bizarre I know but true!?
I am a straight girl so please don't go insulting my sexaulity and telling me it is gross and repulsive Lesbains posters. I just want some intelligent answers to why so many lesbians prefer gay male porn ?I know 4 lesbians and they all say they love it because there own lesbian porn is fake and the women in it are not even lesbians most of the time. They say gay male porn is real and more stimulating to them. The I read online (there are so many sites all about lesbians that get off on gay male porn) and I have copied and pasted it here below. PS I'm not saying you all like but can you explain why so many do ?

Another person chimed in: "Do you like fag porn? All my queer female friends do." Hers wasn't a surprising question. I know lesbians who dig it more than any other kind of hardcore fare. I briefly dated a genderqueer dyke who just loved gay male porn: She ran out and got the newest title from her favorite company the day it came out. In this case, she adored movies from Bel Ami (, which feature young, hairless European lads (think the boy-on-boy version of the straight barely-legal genre). The boys are very pretty and androgynous, and some of them could definitely be mistaken for dykes with their clothes on. But other girl-loving girls love über-butch men, leather daddies, and big hairy bears, so it's not always about androgyny. By now, I think it's commonplace to accept that queer women love queer male porn, but what is that all about?

First, let's acknowledge a practical reality: There isn't a whole lot of lesbian porn produced by and for lesbians, or that feels authentic to lesbian viewers. Some dykes can get their fix of queerness—both the lust and the cultural aesthetics—via gay porn, even though it features people of a different gender than those they **** in real life. Queer is often attracted to queer first and foremost, like when the guy I lusted after in high school turned out to be gay—it makes sense in some way.

And speaking of gender, plenty of lesbians identify with various forms of masculinity: Their own gender expression may be at the masculine end of the spectrum, or they may like to fantasize and play with gender and sex. Gay porn gives them a range of masculine desires to relate to or lust after. For those dykes who themselves identify as fag—or who like butch/butch, boi/boi, or transman/transman sex—they can see a hyper-masculine version of their own sex lives and/or fantasies performed on the small screen
Sounds to me like you've already got your answers right there. I'll also add that a lot of lesbians enjoy gay male porn because it's free of any misogyny, sexism, and violence towards women . . . it doesn't have any of those off-putting dynamics in there, and it often seems more passionate and realistic.

I've also heard some say that gay male porn is very visual- whereas you can't really, truly judge a female pornstar's enjoyment or arousal, it's pretty impossible to fake an erection, and two erections are sort of "proof" that the fellas are at least on some level aroused, and it just makes for very good watching in terms of visuals.

I'm a bisexual woman, and I think it's probably the hottest thing out there.
Trans-woman lesbian? Sexual orientation and gender configuration complementary of each other?
I really do not understand transwomen lesbians, especially the post op ones so I would like some answers ... and yes I do not know much about trans- gender configuration (I used to call them 'he-she thingys') As of now, I am on the lookout for published papers about this subject...

This is not for school so don't tell me to do my own homework!

Given the facts:

1. Transwomen lesbians are quasi-women who like women and were born in the gender that stops them from being gay.
2. There are more straight women in the population than all lesbians and bisexual women put together.
3. There is homophobia against lesbians and gays
4. Some people are freaked out by transexuals
5.. ...etc etc the list goes on and on...

Here are my questions!

1. They like women! They are born in a man's body, they have a penis. If they lived as a straight guy they automatically bypass the homophobia part. They have bigger chances of finding a woman since there are more straight women than gay women and bi women put together. Why are they complicating their life?

2. Why the f*** would they want to remove the penis?! Straight women could certainly benefit from it! Didn't they think of a combo like: keeping the penis and saving money plus sleeping with straight women while safe from homophobia?

3. Did they also think about job opportunities as a transwoman? Seriously, who would hire a transwoman? Think about this, if they are employed as man they get higher pay too...

My list of consequences of sex change!

1. Straight women which is majority of the population become unavailable for them! And they[transwomen lesbian] would have to resort to lesbians and bisexual women who furthermore need to be open minded about being with a transwoman!

2. Sex change turns them into women and even if they somehow managed to be couple with another woman they automatically become lesbians and ultimately resulting in them being target of homophobia! (Safety and sexual orientation compromised!).

3. Sex change means feminizing them which include, but not just limited to, cutting their penis and we all know that the cutting of penis ultimately results to the cutting of pay by 24% and all of that is if they can even get a job in the first place...

Sooo... why not:

List A

1..Keep the penis and save cash
2. Sleep with straight women (need penis for this)
3. Enjoy relationship with women without threat of homophobia
4. Get a good job as a man and earn 24% higher than the women they so want to be

Instead of... :

List B

1. Removing penis (costs money and time)
2. Sleep with lesbians or bi-women (harder to find than straight women even then they have to be open minded enough)
3. Have relationship with women while constantly watching out for homophobes
4. Blow 24% of your pay away

I am sure that pre-op t-girls weigh seriously the pros and cons of surgery... What I would want to know is... How the **** can you justify to go for list B instead of list A?!

That is mind boggling to me! Especially when I think of their trans-gender and their sexual orientation. These 2 things seem to be complementary properties; for transwomen lesbians, their sexual orientation is like a correction factor to the error in their gender configuration! If you are educated in engineering mathematics you would see the beauty of correction factors; the fact that they are in the equation fixes everything we know to be wrong in the equation!

They like women, they were born men... women are naturally androphillic and men are naturally gynophilic... men and women attract each other, so what is the ******* problem in the first place that requires them to undergo an irreversible modification on the human body?!
Coin operated boy, Diane, and Radgal are all correct.

Gender identity and sexual orientation are two completely separate issues.

I was never a man I was born with a female gender identity in a body that had male genitalia.

Because I identified as female and I am attracted to men I am straight.

Other transsexual women who are attracted to women are lesbians and always have been, remember they have always been women not men.
Please Review My Teen Story Just the First Chapter.?
Okay Class take your seats. said our annoyingly nasal sounding chem teacher Ms.Montana. We have alot of work to do today. Today we are going to learn the joys of ....... I drowned her out With my music. I hoped it would help but not even Papa Roach could drown out her voice. I was too tierd for this. I decided that I would go go to the nurse and fake a stomach ache.
Ms. Montana? I called her name. She already hated me so I didnt even bother to raise my hand. Can I go to the nurses office I don’t feel very good.
I am pretty sure she knew it was all bs but she let me go.
I didnt grab the pass. I just went outside and texted Stephie. I told her to meet me on the swings at the park across the street. The Security Guards were past careing if we left and got hit by a bus and so was I.
About five minutes later she showed up.
Hey, Stephie, I said as I hugged her. I reached into my pocket and- “Ah ****, I forgot my Cigarettes. Lemme get one of yours?”
“Again, Syd?” She asked. “I should start charging you for this ****.” She added with a jab in my side. We both took a minute and laughed. If someone didn’t know us, they would have thought we had a good life. They would have thought that we were happy.
I closed my eyes and took a lonnnnngggggg drag. I kept it in as long as i could and i started to feel lightheaded and a little high. It felt good. When she saw what I was doing, she jabbed me in my side again. My eyes were abruptly shoved back into looking at the dull gray stone walls of Westridge High.
Did you hear that jake caught kristina with Katherine Dellanges making out by her locker. she said. She continued into a long spiraling mess of Gossip. I nodded and mhmmd when I thought appropriate, and It was longer than I thought but then the bell rang, and all the little first graders came out and stared at us. One of them was my first grade brother Max.
Sydnie! he said as he ran over and gave me a hug. I hugged him back and The teacher glared at me.
I gotta Go Maxxy. I said as I ruffled his hair. Your teacher dosn't like me very much. I said bye to him and me and steph went back to school. It was almost lunch so we might as well just go in. I hugged her and then we went back to class.
I walked in and sat at my seat, and as I walked I noticed that people were staring at me. I would wonder if i had something in my teeth or something but I always get stared at, and it is not in the "hot cheerleader" sorta way. when i sat down, I heard someone whisper "dyke" and I was fed up with this ****. "okay who ******* said that?" I was screaming. "Ms Taylor" my teacher said. "Go to the principals office NOW" **** you" I said as I grabbed my bag and threw it over my shoulder. OH **** big mistake. My pot flew out of my bag. We had plans for that night. It was all ruined. Everything. Everything was RUINED!
FUCCCKKK I screamed in my head and purposely dropped my bag so I could try to scoop it up with out her noticing. If I was already in Deep ****, I might as well take care of a few things. I shoved it in my bag, stood up, and Punched Jerry in The face because I knew It was him who started the rumor that I was a Lesbian, I knew It was him who Spray Painted it on my locker and I knew it was him who had just started this whole mess and was probably going to get me suspended.
I turned to walk out but first I walked down one of the isles and kissed my friend Megg on the lips and the whole class up roared in laughter, that is, except for me and Megg. I knew she liked me, and I knew it was bitchy, and I knew I was playing with her heart , and I knew that I was straight, all up until that moment.
It was weird. It was weird how all of a sudden things can change. Some For The Better, some for the worse. I was sitting outside the principals office and i just started to think about all of this... Dropping my weed changed for the worse. Punching jerry changed for the better. Kissing Megg... Kissing Megg... I don’t even know. I felt so weird. I mean, have you heard Kate Perry's song I kissed a Girl? That is how it felt. Except, I don’t know if I was in love with Megg. I don’t think I was, but it was different than kissing Dimitri. I mean, Dimitri was my first boyfriend. Dimitri was my first real kiss aside from seven minutes in heaven with Aiden on Kimmy's 14th birthday. We have been going out for almost a year and a half. But I don't think I love him. I don't know what it was but we just made out, and kept on doing it until SP showed up and dragged my *** out of that classroom. I didn’t even know that Ms. Montana had called them.
I’ll call you later Megg. I said.
Kissing your girlfriend goodbye? He asked.
**** You.
I was sitting in the hallway waiting for my death punishment for uhm uhh lets make a list of all of the ******* things I did..
I cut her class (but that was nothing new.)
I punched a guy in the face, in her class
Said **** at lea
I like it. I want to read more. But describe more and be more specific. It also moves pretty fast but it kept my attention.
I think my roomate might be a lesbian or is bisexual, but it makes me feel awkward?
I feel like I'm the last one for her to "come out" to out of all of her friends. She was dating guys when we first became roomies but her words and gestures suggest she really digs females, and doesn't hesitate to verbally acknowledge how attractive she finds me. also replies that she would **** me in a heart beat, but the general tone is that she is guyding to everyone else when she says this.. but i think theres underlying truth to it. anyways there are other things i have noticed but now i feel awkard in this situation. i don't feel like i am impartial to gays/lesbians/or any preference.. as i have other friends like this... but it feels different now being her roomie and i don't know how to approach the subject with her? i am not trying to punish her by pulling myself back with the friendship but i need to know how to cope with it myself? i don't want to offend her because she may or may not perceive herself as bi if i bring it up.. i really don't know
How would you feel if you were living with a straight man, for instance?

Kinda play it like you would if you were doing that ... you know, being friends, but respecting each others physical boundaries and not walking around half dressed, etc.

I wouldn't ask her. Really, its not your business. If she does come out as being into girls, don't immediately freak out and think she lusts for you. Maybe she's dropping you hints just to see how comfortable you would be living with a non-straight female. If she does feel attraction, she should have the common sense not to push it when you are a) straight and b) her roommate. Don't be freaked out by a girl being attracted to you. It means nothing about your own sexuality, and if she is respectful about it (which, living with you, she shouldn't bring it up, really), then it is a compliment.

If she does end up coming on to you, tell her kindly that you aren't interested in women that way and that, even if you were, its not a good idea to be involved with a roommie.
I am not happy with 1 of my classmates who **** me off, on bebo... what will be my answer?
I hate dis 2 teen ages girls behavious in thy class, they were askin me ma bebo account the first time in the class and I refused to let them know that I was having one. just 3 dasy ago, they see checkin my accoutn and they took ma email. I accepted, I added them and they added me on bebo.


now we just been exchanging comments, I hit one of them with message "giving her ma msn so that she can add me" but she respond,...**** off, I don't want to talk with you. they are lesbians and I am not even interesting in them if they were not?

I am really not happy, because I don't like not to be happy with classmate,...I like always to keep good smile on ma classmate, but what she just did.

I have already block them and removed them as friends?

and the remaining action is not to greet them in class

I need your help, what do you think?
How can I respond to this?

Only talk to them if they say something to you first. If they insult you, try to think of something clever that isn't too mean. Otherwise, just ignore them. They seem immature.
Lesbian sex problems in a relationship?
me and my girlfriend have been together for one year now , and we are both very serious about each other and know we want to be together . however our sex life is really lacking , At first for about the first month in our relationship she wouldn't have sex with me .. but she was very happy for me to **** her but she would never do anything in return .. i told her that it was effecting me and she soon started to have sex with me and at that point our sex life was great . Now however our sex life has really slowed down , most of the time when i try to have sex with her she rejects me and now sex only happens at most 2 times a month and for them 2 times she normally will not do anything in return for me again . she tells me is me that has the problem and me that has a high sex drive . it makes me feel really low and un attractive and unwanted by her . it worries me that we are both only 18 and we are having these problems in our sex life. i've tried to talk to her about it but we Always end up arguing and she tells me its me that has the problem as normal.

i love her so much and we spend all the time we can together and have planned out our whole lives together. Even if we never had sex i would still be with her , i just don't want one of us to get bored , and it worries me that if this is happening now what is going to happen in years to come ? .
approach the situation in a way that doesn't place blame on either of you. Don't attack her when you bring the issue up simply relay to her how it makes you feel and your needs as a "equal" in the relationship. If it comes down to her not willing to compromise to satisfy you as much as you try to satisfy her then you need to do some serious "soul searching" and decide if you can Truly be happy with her for the rest of your lives.

Relationships aren't built on sex but a certain level of Intimate passion is needed in my opinion.

hope that helps
Lesbian help what should do?
hey, about five weeks ago i finished my ex ( first girlfrind ) because i didnt trust her i always thought she was lieing to me, anyway now i regret ending it, two days ago i messaged her on facebook and we had a little arguement on there she called me a head **** and loads off other nasty things and deleted her account! now it sounds crazy but i actually love her! when i was with her i was stressed and stuff and i think that had something to do with it all, but im fine again now lol anyway i dont have her number anymore and have no way off getting in contact with her apart from goin round to her house?? should i go round there people?? thanks and sorry for bad grammer
Leave it for a day then go and see her

There is nothing to lose but be honest with her
Lesbian love triangle... What do i do?
I Went out with my best friend ( the first girl i have been with) i fell for her. Break up, still friends ,she went out with my best friend. Almost got over her, stuff happened she kissed me,me back in love happened many times. she still going out with my best friend who knows about the cheating. I love her with all my heart she says she dose but he gf the one she needs but she wants me. She wont break up with her clueless gf. And she feels the need to tell me every time they ****. I love this Girl with all my heart. What do i do?
Sharing is caring?

It isn't creepy. I'd do it.

Call me if you need help practicing.

Am I leading my lesbian friend on?
-paid for our weekend away told me she would take care of everything
(told her she is one of a kind and no one has ever done something so nice for me before)

-when i asked her what she rated me she gave me 10/10 and she told me she never gives 10/10
(yes I asked her)

- called me sexy and hot slt in messages.....sent me a message the other day saying 'don't play dumb you know I think you are a hot slt' and 'all the good ones are straight'.
( I asked if that was a hidden meaning and accused her of not drinking around me bc she wanted to see me strip..started calling her hottie in messages)

- when i message her non-stop she doesn't initiate the texting but replies back instantly and gets mad when I don't text her
( I always message her first and numerous times a days and sook as to why I message first and say I feel unloved and often wake her up in the early morning hours when I go to work)

- doesn't want to meet my boyfriend
( he is suss of her and I told him she doesn't like men)

- told me I am the type of person she could hang with everyday and that she doesn't make the effort with anyone else
(i told her I don't make the effort with my friends bc they never make the effort with me)

- when I told her she can't go leave the city she said that she doesn't want to get too close to me bc she won't be able to do her pick up and leave thing and that she is not used to caring about people
(I told her that she can't befriend me and leave and that we have already crossed that line bc she would miss me too much

When she was with her new **** buddy I messaged her while she was there and said I wish I was there and hope she wasn't having too much fun without me

what do you think? am i blind? am i giving signals
Really ur not leading her on in any way. she just has to realize you are straight. Tell her "I am 100% straight!" And take me the way the Lord has made me. If she cant take that than she can hit the door. Tell her ''We can no longer be friends!"

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