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Is my Wife Bisexual?
I am in my forties and in my second marriage to a beautiful woman, also in her forties, and in her third marriage. She has two grown guys who love me as much as her. We have been married for almost ten years, and our relationship is stronger than ever. Her previous marriages ended because of typical ignorant male traits. The first was a Neanderthal that she married at the age of 18. The second was a multi-millionaire who wanted to control every single aspect of her life. Third time was lucky for her. I give her the love and freedom she seeks. We are best friends and soul mates and love and share common passions, from sports to cooking. Sex has never been better, and we are very comfortable with each others bodies and pleasing each other in the way we each desire. After I am satisfied, I take the time to make her come either orally, or manually (intercourse doesn't usually do it).

Our relationship is all but perfect. Neither of us have a need to cheat; our fights are few and short, and always quickly followed by apologies. We have been honest about most everything, except me….

I am addicted to lesbian porn. If I have a spare moment, I will cruise the web in search of free lesbian video snippets which I download and store on my computer. I have no interest in seeking out other women, or viewing or looking at a single naked woman, or watching straight porn; but watching two women just pushes me over the edge! As the years have gone on, my secret has shamed me more, and I feel that I will disappoint and ultimately lose respect from my wife. I could not bear to lose her and so, I carry my guilt and shame, rather than let her know my utmost fantasies.

So that's the background. Now for the good part. Over the years, based on my sexual attitude, I could not help but fantasize about watching my wife make out with another woman. Obviously, I've kept this to myself. Then here and there, I would take notice of something, that, in my mind, began to play into my fantasy, and I would start to ask myself, "Is Jamie bi?" Some of these things are….

- She has never had a great loving relationship with her mother. To this day, her mother doesn't treat her with the love a mother should have for a daughter, and longs for the loving mother-daughter relationship she never had.
- She is, and always has been, openly flirtatious with men. She loves to fish for admiration. This in fact, is true with anyone.
- On many, many occasions she has commented on how pretty a girl is (usually a girl TV).
- She openly kisses close girlfriends on the lips when saying hello or goodbye.
- Early in our marriage, I discovered that she taped some soft core porn from HBO on a VHS tape, so she has displayed interest in porn. While visiting with some friends, the discussion of porn came up. She admitted that she curiously clicked on some porn websites.
- During her son's wedding in Las Vegas we met her cousin from back east and his girlfriend. Many people were coming and going (large wedding party of friends and family). The girlfriend was very pretty and very buxom. One evening we got together and Jamie and "Sally" were saying goodbye for the evening. Jamie planted a big, forceful kiss on her lips, and said "We've bonded". Hmmm… what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas??
- She has talked about visiting strip clubs with her first husband.
- Once as a real estate agent, she sold a house to two girls who lived together. It occurred to me that casual friends do not buy a house together. I never asked the question, but I suspected they were lesbians. After the house sold, Jamie spent an evening with them "out drinking" to celebrate. Hmmmm.
- One morning, at breakfast, Jamie talked about a dream she had that night. She described a couple of young girls "touching her". She followed that up with, "it must be the lesbo in me".
- In the company of my friend and his wife, she "joked" about being a lesbo couple with a friend's wife.
- When she has an out of town trip, she will sometimes "share a room" with another woman.
- One time at dinner, we were talking about homosexuality; something we don't normally discuss. I had a few glasses of wine, so I felt a little brave to say, that I didn't understand the guy thing, but I enjoy watching two girls make out. She replied that she did too!!

The things I described above have happened over the course of our marriage, I have never felt that these are strong indicators that she was bi, other than to add all of them up in my head, and fantasize that she might be. I have kept this fantasy to myself, and imagined Jamie making out with another woman during the course of sex, or while masturbating while watching lesbian porn on my computer. Still, I've been too scared to bring this up with her,

So now the signs have gotten stronger. A few months ago, while we were out at a bar with another couple, a beautiful, buxom girl was walking toward the table where we sat. With hand gestures intended to inform the other wife sitting at the table (not me), she pointed to the girl, and gave a "thumbs up"!

Then, in one evening, it unraveled. About two months ago while watching TV, we were watching what appeared to be a gay guy. She started the conversation by saying she thought that homosexuality was result of bad upbringing (a hint of reference to her mother?) Again, I took the opportunity to say I don't get the guy thing, but I enjoy watching two women. She admitted that watching two women was more of a turn on for her than watching standard porn, because lesbian love is more sensual and loving than standard porn, where it is just some guy pounding a woman. I continued to listen as she talked about how she kisses her girlfriends out of friendship, but then added that she knows how single women will pleasure each other. I wasn't sure what this comment really meant, but it was clear that she was opening up her acceptance of girl-girl love to me. I then brought up the fact that I saw her give the "thumbs up" sign in the bar. She got a little defensive and said she was just admiring the girl, and asked if I would be upset if she did that as a guy walked by. I said, "yes I would", but she is misinterpreting my response. I told her that when I saw that, I got an instant hard on. Before I could think, I blurted out "I fantasize about watching another woman eat your pussy" She went silent. Then she said, "Well I'm not going to go out and make love to a woman". I replied that I never expected that. We adjourned the conversation for a little while, then later she came up to me and said that the conversation was "something to think about".

A week or two passed by when we were fooling around on the bed. She asked me what turned me on most, and I quickly replied "Watching two women". I followed that up by putting in one of my compilation DVD's of short and rough internet lesbian clips that I downloaded. She watched with no hesitation. At some point, I asked her if she was bisexual. She said that she didn't want to make love to another woman. But a few seconds later, she said "however, I wouldn't mind a little".

We've had sex on several occasions since then, but like most times in the past year or so, but sometimes, if she's not in the mood, it becomes pretty one-sided. In other words, I end up masturbating while sucking on her toes, or something.

Then last Saturday night, we got amorous in the kitchen following a nice meal and conversation. We adjourned to the bedroom to get it on. Now during the past month or so, I quickly understood that my internet lesbian porn collection was fine for me, but I needed to get some long, slow, sensual, girl-girl "lovemaking". I found a great website that provides that type of lesbian porn; slow kissing and foreplay, followed by sex. For the first time in my life, I purchased porn, and came prepared with a new DVD and put it on. We both lay in bed and she slowly and lightly stroked my swollen penis as we watch two beautiful, exotic women kiss. After some time, I turned to begin kissing and stroking her, and she told me to lie back, and that she wasn't done watching. So we were back at it. She continued to stroke me. After many minutes, we finally got to a point where one woman began to eat the other. Jamie then jumped on top of me, and the love session began. We made wild, passionate love, including intercourse, and ultimately I watched her masturbate and come while she watched the video.

The next day, she told me that it has been a really long time since she got this turned on, and is looking forward to the next time.

So, life is good. My biggest sexual turn on is now shared with my wife. I couldn’t be happier. So my question to all you seasoned bisexual women… is she really bisexual, or just bi-curious? , What do you think I should expect from here on in? Do have anything to worry about? I have heard of how full blown bisexual wives can jeopardize a loving marriage. However, I have thought about this really hard and cannot picture myself being the least bit jealous about Jamie having sex with another woman, with or without me present. Any comments will be appreciated.
oh, god.......I really couldnt be bothered reading all of this.

From what I read....i think you read too much into you write too much about things.

Most people are curious, mabe she has thought about making out with another woman....but this sounds like your bag and u want her to make out with another woman.

If she does one day go with another woman for your titilation, well dont be surprised if she likes it a lot and u might get jealous and insecure afterwards.

It happened to me. I was 100% straight, and as a bet i kissed my best female blew my mind and we carried on for 6 years after!!!!!!!!

If you are secure enough and she is up for it, maybe...but you never know the consequences!

As for the comment about you not being jealous about her going with another woman, you never know til you have done it.

P.S, sorry, but u sounded a bit pervy (really)

good luck


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