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How do i **** a blonde chick in my math class that wants dick?
doggy style? froggy? serious answers she told me she wants it bad
Ask her how she wants it...most girls think that's hot. If you don't feel comfortable doing that go out on a whim and try a little bit of everything... there. i helped.
Dudes Only!! BLonde or Brunette? And be Honest!!!!!!?
reason why you prefer one over the other??? And none of that **** blondes date brunette ****, be honest. which to do you PREFER
Honestly, it depends on the girl who has the hair. If she isn't a nice person to begin with, what good is the color of her hair going to do? I personally prefer brunettes, but I like a few blondes and definitely red-heads. Not liking someone because of their hair color is somewhat shallow (as long as it's a natural color and not blue, green, etc.) Plus, If they are anything like the women I know, they are going to be experimenting with and changing their hair color all of the time anyhow so you shouldn't get too attached to one color LOL.

The main thing is that if she is satisfied with the way she looks, you should be too
Why do guys like blonde hair?
To me blonde hair is so over rated. To may girls have it its stupid. I have black hair and i love girls with darker hair. **** blonde bitches. and truly blue and green eyes pop out much better with dark hair not blonde.& this is coming from someone with green eyes okay so i know.& pale skin looks better with dark hair to. light skin& blonde hair just washes you out. you need some contrast in your life.
Dark hair is way sexier! it really depends on the style and tint of blonds but dark hair wins me over every time and redheads are completely nasty!!!!!
What do i use to dye my hair bleach blonde?
dont call me a "wanna be scene" or poser. its annoying as ****. and i dont call myself scene. its my friends old acc. but yaah question?
dye makes the hair darker by adding color, bleach means to make the hair lighter by removing color. Go to a beauty supply where they can see your natural color, and advice you what to do
I'm a blonde guy, how do I make my hair silky?
I'm kinda shootin for that Jason dolley hairstyle, you know when it was long and blonde and smooth as ****. okay that sounded really gay, but you know what i mean. any advice? (p.s. i already shampoo and condition)
shampoo less! once every other day, use a small amount of conditioner every day and honestly the more you touch your hair the silkier it will get from the oils on your hands(though you don't want it greasy!)
Why am I a cute, blonde girl that is obsessed with goths?
I am a very innocent-looking, pretty, well-dressed high school girl. I ADORE heavy metal, and not many people know this about me. Whenever I see any gothic guys, it makes me weak with envy and admiration. What the **** is wrong with me? I know I would not be able to pull the dark style off, and people would accuse me of conformity/longing for acceptance if I did.

How do I channel my dark energy in a way that is not so obvious?

Don't laugh at my ridiculous adolescent whiny problems.
I'm answering because for a high school student, that was one of the best written questions on here. Thank you for not abbreviating anything or using internet slang, making yourself look like a complete idiot.

Here's your answer - be who you want to be, and don't worry about what others say or do. You can dress, act or be anything you choose to be - yes, even a metal-loving, goth-drooling well-dressed girl. Whatever you feel comfortable wearing - wear it. Whatever you like listening to - listen to it. And whoever you want to hang out with - hang out with them. You get one life to enjoy - so enjoy it. Others are only around to drag you down. You know who you are, and that's all that matters.
Australians hate indians that's why there has been rise of racial attacks towards indians. ?
Aussies hate indian nationals. So inorder to reduce discrimination to ards indians i 've decided to produce porn in which indian men will **** blonde babes from australia. They will make love to each other. So what's your views? In this way both nation will become friend.
I say that this would solve nothing
I just bleached my hair and it has some orange in it.,. I have light blonde hair dye if i put?
it on now, will it take out the orange?
my hair was originally black btw now its blonde and orange lol
no harsh comments, i know i can fry my ******* hair. NO smart as$es either thanks
maybe it can take a little of the orange out (depends what base is the light blonde dye) the best thing you can do is buy a blue toner and apply it to the orange area
I refuse to have guyren with anyone who isn't blonde with blue eyes. Do you have a problem with that?
I have and will befriend, date, and have sex with all sorts of girls, as long as they're 9s or 10s. However, I want my guyren to have optimal genes, and therefore have vowed not to marry/have guyren with a girl if she does not have natural blonde hair and blue eyes. That is because I want to produce beautiful blonde guyren that I can be proud of.

I'm afraid that down the line, I will get into a serious relationship with a female with sub-optimal genes (that is, someone not blessed with the aforementioned characteristics), who might expect me to propose to her.

So do you think it would be best for me to **** and chuck non-blondes from now on, so as to avoid anything serious with someone I have no intentions of marrying/having guys with?
If that's what floats your boat.... then you should stick to only those who you would look for a long term relationship from
I have dark brown hair, should i dye it blonde ?
ok so my hair is dark brown, you could call it black. i have tan olive skin and brown eyes. i was born as a brunette, ive dyed my hair red once, it faded now im brunette once again :I
i'm getting booooored !!!
i wanna be blonde cuz they have more fun!!!
but im worried. what if i dye my dark hair to blonde and i **** it up & it goes green!??
im 15 and btw dnt ask me to let my mom do it for me & no i cant go hairdressers either.
and im scared i might go ginger or my hair will fall off. plus i have school on monday and i wanna shock people not scare them.
if you're that worried about it then don't do it
but if you really want to go blonde then do it gradually with a bleaching shampoo, just make sure to take care of your hair afterwards and that way it will not go ginger or fall out :)
hope that helped ♥

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