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Caught this Gay guy peaking over at me while i was peeing?
Now hes going around telling everyone how big i am. What should i do. Should i beat him up?
just say that hes just a little pervert that cant keep his eyes to him self, and if he ever does that again then pok that pervs eyes out and show him u are not to be messed with. hope this helps.
Does peeing in your hat make you gay?
My friend peed in my hat and then said "I think I'm gay." I said "how?" he said "because i peed in your hat." I'm a chick, he's a dude.
no but eating fishsticks does
Is it gay or weird if you wipe your penis after peeing?
Because Im not circumcised, I wipe my penis everytime after I peed just like what girls do.
I mean is it weird? Last week I was in a public bathroom while waiting for ferry and I think it was the sound of me ripping the toliet paper after I peed, and then there was a guy staring at me like I was some kind of pervert.
Do you think its weird?
Why would that be gay at all? Its your penis. Its not like you're having a sword fight with another dude, if you know what I mean.

And what does being circumcised matter? I'm am circumcised and often times I still wipe when I'm done. I just don't want to deal with any left overs running down my leg you know.

There is nothing perverted about it. Perverted would be wiping your penis with your hand and then running around shaking other people's hands in order to get aroused by that - that is pretty damn perverted.
Is peeing on someone gay?
ok ok i just sitting online and i had a curious question i just wanted to that if peeing on another person against their will gay to the to both guys or the one doing it?
Seriously, what made you think of people peeing on each other? It doesn't mean they are gay. It means they are rude and immature.
A "Gay" man peeing in urinal next to you... how do you feel about that?
Should there be "gay" bathrooms?
I dont piss next to anyone unless i really have to go...if someone walks in while im there i zip up and head out the door...sorry im not into guys checking out my
I'm going to a gay bar for my friends birthday, do straight men have their own toilets?
I don't want gay men to look at me peeing. I'm not a homophobe or anything but what I'm thinking is imagine a girl went into the guys toilet in a normal bar? Think of the result!
no, there are no separate johns for straight men, you will have to put up with the pawing that goes on in them or just make sure you do your tinkles and ploppies before you go tto the bar.
My dog squats to pee is he gay?
i have a 3 month old german shepard and it doesnt raise his leg up wtf is wrong with him i tried lifting his leg, i've yelled at it, i hit it... why does my dog squat?
i dont want a gay dog damn.
First of all, I don't believe a word of this! Second, NO!!! He's still a little young to expect him to hike! My male boxers squatted til almost a year old! And, by the way, I have a female JRT that is 5 years old and she squats to pee while hiking one of her legs! She looks kinda dykish doing this but she's really into the male JRTs and has even been spayed!
Also, I don't believe for one minute that you yell at him or hit him!! He's just a baby!
How can you tell if you dog is gay?
My dog is a pit-bull and I've had her for about 8 years. Lately she has been acting weird. Licking herself, barking at other dogs, peeing on the floor when she's never done that before. Is she gay? Or just weird?
Not gay but the symtoms you describe could point to a UTI urinanry tract infection. Take her to the vet.
Is it true that some gay men like listening to random men using the restroom?
I have heard that gay men have a fetish where they enjoy listening to other men using public toilets. I read somewhere that some men hide in rest stop stalls and digitally record the sounds of other men who are taking dumps and peeing in nearby stalls and then listening to the sounds later while pleasuring themselves. I also read that listening to random men fart and spray diarrhea is a big turn on for some men has anyone else heard this or know whether this is really true?
I agree with Dan, there are ALOT of different crazy WILD fetishes out there! Some like mundane things, toes, feet, tickling, etc, some people like crazy sodomy, masochism, torture and some people like defecation. This is for ALL people not just gay. So yes, though alot of people may like what you're describing, and they may so happen to be gay, it doesn't mean all gay men like that. Just like a black man liking to have sex with white women, doesn't mean ALL black men like it too.

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