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What are some teen movies with hot male leads?
I am 14 and want to see a movie ( preferably a chick flick) that has a really hot guy in it.
He's just not that into you
Love actually
The ugly truth
A walk to remember
An affair to remember
A lot like love
How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
Love Story
Mamma Mia
Notting Hill
What A Girl Wants
She's The Man
My Girl
Music & Lyrics
Never Been Kissed
Happily Ever After
A Cinderella Story
The Princess Diaries
What Happens In Vegas
27 Dresses
Ps i love you
The Holiday
the wedding date
along came polly
Pretty Women
Runaway Bride
Down to you
Its a girl boy thing
What are some romantic teen movies with really hot guys?
I have already watch Twilight a gizzillion times coz its the best movie ever. Also i have already seen things like a cinderella story, john tucker must die and the step up movies. OH AND PLEASE!!!! NO OLD MOVIES.
What about Fireproof? It stars Kirk Cameron and is about saving a marriage. Most people seem to love The Notebook.

Visit this website for descriptions of top romantic movies. If your favorites aren't listed, add them yourself:…
Hot teen guys in movies?
me and my friend r having a hot guy movie night but we only can think of 2 movies! we need guys that r teens and they need to b in it a lot!
new moon?
curel intentions wait nvm
yea thats all i got
What are some names of some movies about hot teen boys that become gay.?
They should be around the ages of 14 15 16 17 and one is gay and comes out then he falls in love with his best friend and they stop being friends and they fight but then they cant resist their love and become gay lovers. please only answer if u have an actual answer if not dont bother or just name some gay movies about boy in their teens that fall in love or some good gay movies about boys im now interested in these kind of movies!!! ---thanx---
The Edge of Seventeen
Good teen movies about nerds getting the hot guys and popular girls losing?
i wanna find a movie similar to angus, thongs and perfect snogging! but not like mean girls thats stupid...just a love story..;) you know im just in the mood for a really good love story about a girl that cant ever get a guy and then a miracle happens! lol
She's All That is the movie your looking for! I loved it. It's basically about a girl named Janey who's an art "geek" I guess you can say and a popular guy (I forget his name). The popular guy's girlfriend just broke up with him and he and his friends bet on if he can turn Janey into a popular "prom queen" for prom. He ends up asking her out...But then suddenly starts to like her.

I really liked this movie. Really funny and maybe a bit unreal at times but it's a cute movie.
What teen movies are there that have like hot guys in it? like it can be cheesy i dont care?
i wanna watch a teen movie but some of them dont have good looking people in it offesnse to themm..... :/
CAn't Hardly Wait
Cruel Intentions
I know what you did last summer
Who are some hot teen guys that will be starring in new movies this year?
Who are some hot teen guys that will be starring in new movies this year?
im looking for people like
logan lerman - percy jackson and the lightning thief
xavier samuel - eclipse
taylor lautner - twilight sagas etc
Taylor Lautner as some stretched superhero..
Channing Tatum is in Dear John
Oh and Valentines Day has Taylor Lautner too :)
What are some good recent teen movies set in highschool/college?
Like Mean Girls, not another teen movie, the hot chick, john tucker must die etc?

Recent as in after 2000 ? More modern the better
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Harry Potter series (at least from Prisoner of Azkaban on)
Stick It
Bring It On (and sequels)
American Pie (and sequels)
Step Up/Step Up 2
American Teen
Lost and Delirious
Love Don't Cost a Thing
Half Nelson
Freedom Writers
High School Musical series
Good Teen Movies with hot/cute guys, set in high school?
i already searched on yahoo answers but they only had one or two i liked. some things i liked is walk to remember, and i guess twilight and angus thongpants will be awesome. stuffs like american pie is okay but i prefer sweet storylines. there has to be a romance! and cute guys! in high school! LOLL thanks so muchh :)
10 Things I Hate About You
John Tucker Must Die

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