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What do lesbians really feel when seeing hot guys make out...like touching and kissing?
I mean really its not just nothing 'coz I heard some gets turned on and some gets jealous. So what can you say?
Im a lesbian,, i think its pretty hot but i dont get turned on. I also think its sweet :)
What do LESBIANS really feel when seeing HOT GUYS make out...like touching and kissing?
I mean really its not just nothing 'coz I heard some gets turned on and some find it sweet. So what can you say?
We're all different, some may find it cute as in "Awe someone actually found love in this cruel world. I personally don't FEEL anything but I think it's cute because of the love they share (but only if it's passionate, not like they're mauling each others faces)
I love to watch naked women and lesbians kissing and touching each other?
and when i watch them i feel like i want to try it and these images turn me on although i love my boy friend and we have a great sexual affair.
what is this am i bi-sexual or it is normal? and should i tell my boyfriend? and what should i do to become pure straight?

* sorry for my poor english
I love to watch naked men kissing and touching each other, but that sure doesn't make me a gay man.

You're a human being, and your sexual responses are not black and white. If your b/f is in agreement(if you have a commitment to not see anyone else), then why not explore and see if there is any reality in your fantasies? Many times fantasy is just that, fantasy. When you take it into real life, its not really what you thought it would be.
Why are girls more okay with lesbian girls touching them then straight guys?
Exactly what it says.
It's the same reason why guys scream less towards a lesbian than towards a gay. Worlds mystery.
Do lesbians ever want to try touching a man?
I'm a straight girl and recently learned on Facebook that one of my friends got married to her girlfriend. It shocked me…not in a bad way but I had no idea she was lesbian. It got me thinking…lesbians don’t ever wanna touch a man down there…or at least try? It's such a blast to touch one LOL…like how their junk sticks out grows and what not…its seriously fun to play with haha! It doesn’t excite you at all? Not trying to be offensive I'm honestly curious.
What's your phone number?
Can i get hard if a lesbian started touching me and stay hard?
A friend ask me this questions and i dont know what 2 answer him. i never been in that spot.
Are lesbians more in touch with their masculine side than straight women?
I've seen some of the biker chicks and softball players on here, and they seem kind of rough.
Vrroooom vrooomm.

I guess you've never visited a rural or seaside area. The straight ladies there are much more butch than anybody you'll find in the city.

And, obviously, you've never been to a lesbian event. If you were to go, you'd quickly discover that most lesbians look like straight ladies.

You only notice the butch ones since they stand out from the rest. I suppose you think all gay guys are effeminate?!? Hehe. Nope. Most look like you.
Are the Beautiful People on TNA lesbians or bisexual of TNA in the show?
I watched TNA yesterday The Awesome Kong, Hamada and Tara v.s. The beautiful people. They were touching each others hair and crap like that. Are they the lesbians of TNA?
They've been talking about eventually kissing each other on TV so maybe.

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