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Is there something wrong with a 28 year old black woman being with a 47 year old costa rican man?
I am a 28 year old black woman dating a 47 year old costa rican man. Most people, especially my family, thinks that I am weird and need to be dating someone of my own race. We have strangers stare at us with these amazed looks on their faces as if they are so shocked that we are together. Most of the strange looks that we get from people are mostly from black people. Do you find this to be strange?
If you're happy, that's what matters. Would you rather be with a 28 year old black man that you don't love, just to make other people happy?
If your favorite candidate was a 72 year old black woman would you still vote for her?
Imagine that your preferred candidate was a 72 year old black woman with the exact same history, same voting record, same policies, same everything.

Would you still vote the same?
These people saying "Yep, if she were my favorite candidate." They are answering without realizing that this 72 year old black woman would be a woman who would have personal bitterness and vivid memories of America's racist past. If she was my favorite candidate, with or without her bitterness and her memorires, I would still vote for her. I'd hope that she would be in good health. But these people with issues of Obama's minister, wouldn't be voting for that 72 yo black woman even though they say they would.
I am a 53 year old Black woman and I would like to live in Sweden. Where do I start and how do I find housing.?
I would like to live out the rest of my life in Sweden. I've always wanted to learn the language and live in this country. Would someone please help me to start my new life abroad.
Good luck, but what does being a 53 year old black woman have to do with it? You need a passport and an airline ticket, and you need to apply to the Swedish embassy for a visa or for permanent resident status. Are you going to work in Sweden, or have you saved enough money so you won't have to work?
What are some quite old black woman names?
Im writing a story for my homework and its about black woman, it's set in the 1930's but i don't really know any names...

Jesse, Norma Jean, Augusta, Geraldine, Betty Jean, Esther, Lorraine I put a source for african american women history just to give you an idea of some names.
On good morning america a 85 year old black woman stated she is voting for the first time?
and her vote was based on the color of the candidates skin. why is that not racism? President Obama received 94% of the african american vote, many crossed political lines. Just because of the color of his skin. Is that not also Racism. I have read many articles on The Caucasian racism against Obama, However isn't voting for a man based on he color of his skin also wrong?
To Democrats it's only racisim if a Republican does it

Don't you know that silly?
Should I focus on a career or marriage. I am a 26 yr old black woman and I want a good man but rare to find?
Which one should I focus on. All of my friends are married but me and it hurts. I want to get married too. How do i increase my chances of marriage? How can I find a decent black man to marry
First thing, continue to live your life and love will find you soon. You are very young and should not stress about marriage. Don't compare yourself to your friends. Unlike graduating from high school, we don't get married at the same age. Continue to work on your career and at the right time, love will find you.

Live and love your life now, and remember finding a husband is not everything. Being married can be a headache so make the most of your single days.
Did you hear about that black man that married an 89 year old white women?
I remember reading an article of a 49 year old black man marrying an 89 year old white women, safe to say, she probably looks better as a corpse. Don't you find this pathetic? Wow, and I thought they couldn't any worse. I guess it's true, black men are trying to run as fast as they can to non-black women. If one is marrying an 89 year old woman, what does this have to say about black women really? In a way, I can sympathize with these black men.
Im a 25 old black woman very proud to be a american not a African American but a American so my question is?
how dose not agreeing with Obama and his radical agenda make me a racist ? and how dose this make me a racist but anyone against them does not live in reality, how can you not be against a 13 trillion dollar debt and rising, out of control and wasteful spending, taxes getting higher and higher, and jobs getting scarce.
They call tea partiers right-wing extremist for being constituionalists and they call them all racist simply because they disagree with Obama.
I'm 25, my family owns a $150,000,000 business in Memphis, TN that was collapsed by the socialization of the housing sector.

You sound....sexy and I agree with you 100%.
Where did this positive stereotype of "wise old black woman" originate?
Many Hollywood movies have characters of wise old black women who often have warm but (somewhat) authoritative attitude which would normally gather respect from other characters. Where did this positive stereotype originate?
Probably the "aunt jemima" type nanny in the southern states. Many southern slave owners kept a house maid who by virtue of reality probably had the shared experience of realizing she was wise and contributed something positive despite her adverse conditions. There were a lot of real "wise old black women".

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