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Can 15 year old boys fall in love with plump girls for real?
Ok, so I am not grossly overweight, but I am plump. I still do sport and stuff, I am just a little heavy, 75kg. Anyway, so can boys, 15 years old, who have never before been in the dating scene, fall in love with a gal like me? Are they too immature at this age? Should I wait? Do I even have a chance?

alot of boys like skinny girls.
& alot of boys like plump girls.

im a pretty chubby girl. & i turn heads.
you're still too young to think about love.
just think about having fun living your life.
& mister right will show up on your door step.
Do you think plump girls can be with skinny guys?
I dont see why not, but some people I know disagree. What do you think?
Big girls need loven too.
Do guys really like the plump girls as much as girls claim they do?
im on the thin side, but ive still got a nice booty :)
anyway ive been feeling self-conscious lately because ive read everywhere that guys prefer that motherly, chubby look to the slim, athletic that true?
would guys still date me (im 15 5'4 and 115lbs) is that too small???
'motherly' ? don't think I've ever been called that.

guys like what they like, same as you. Some will love you some will think you're not so curvy, some will like your hair colour some won't, some will like the way you laugh, it will annoy the hell out of others. You get the idea.
What city and country can I find a mass amount of girls with nice, plump, round butts?
It can be White girls, blacks, mexicans, indian, asian, etc. Help me out with this.
Brazil. It's part of their culture. The roundest butts get the most praise down there!
Who looks best in clothes in your opinion? Slim girls, medium sized girls, or plump girls?
What do you think?

Note: By slim I don't mean anorexic, just slim.
Obviously slim.
GUYS do you find girls who are a bit plump with a belly attractive or cute?
Well im just wondering cause guys by me are always eyeing girls that have a bigger belly and look a little plump. I'm gettin like that but they like the girls with low rise jeans who have a muffin top and the stomach sticks put from there tight shirt, so I'm asking is that hot now?
Well, it isn't actually a 'fad' or anything. Most guys regard the belly button as a sensual area, me included. And often guys just like a little bit more to cuddle. Soft flesh that we can stroke. So if a girl has a cute smile but has a few extra pounds we don't care that much. We are not as shallow as most girls think we are. If you are cute, you are cute.. If your belly is poking out of your shirt, we will look. Doesn't mean we need it as a turn on.
Why do i like plump white girls so much is it wrong?
i love women like, mama cass, ann wilson of heart, im single right now but the girl i hope i meet is a plump white girl, i dont want anythin else is this wrong?? ive been alone for some time because my psychological issues have played a part for a long time and low self esteem. im 29 now, but this is the type of girl i want no one else
It's ok, they need love, too.

Do you know what a moped and a big girl have in common ?

They're both fun to ride until your friends catch you !
How many men find plump girls attractive?
I am not overweight myself and I never knew about this fetish but recently a male friend confessed to me that he find fat girls very sexy and a huge turn on. He has a slim girlfriend but says that he would prefer her to be bigger or have a fat girlfriend but he feels too much pressure from his mates to go out with someone slim. He goes online and gets off on pictures of fat girls and says loads of guys do this secretly.
Is this true? I mean it's fine by me but it seems unlikely that it's something a lot of guys like!
A lot of men prefer larger women.. Everyone sees beauty in different sizes.. I think it is great for a man to be proud of the woman he is with regardless of her size!!!!!1
Fashion for plump girls, what clothes make you look smaller and slimmer?
Hi guys i'm not slim nor fat and i have the feeling i'm wearing the wrong clothes. I don't understand about fashion and things, the fat girls from my class wear skinny jeans and they have fat rolls coming out and they hide them with a hoodie. Can anyone give me more advice like that? Can anyone chubby show me pictures of herself with clothes which make her slimmer? thank you very much :)
black always does and avoid striped shirts. shirts ttight around the bust and flowy work too. is good for plus size too

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