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A flasher is a person who shows people their private parts in public, then runs away. What is the word for...
...flasher in Spanish?
A person who feels pleasure showing his private parts in public is a "exhibicionista"
What is the psychology behind a man who flashes in public?
Recently, I came across with a guy who flashed at me on the street and I am wondering why did he do that?
It's a "power" thing, nothing more or less.

I'm surprised there are still flashers around though... I thought they had gone the same way as the "washing line panty thieves".... - made obsolete because all the pervs get their kicks on line nowdays.

I'll tell you an interesting thing about flashers. If you report them to the police, the first thing the police want to know, is whether he had an erection or not. This is because the "erect" ones are considered to be much more dangerous- they tend to become rapists. The floppy ones, are just weirdos.
How can I run programs from a flash drive on a public computer (without admin access)?
I am especially trying to play my games on any computer. I was thinking of installing a virtual drive on the flash drive, and installing the game on the drive as well. But I don't see how I can do this without changing the settings in a public computer where you cannot install programs on the hard drive.
Even if you managed to get a game on a flash drive, you would still need to make changes to the system registry to make it work, which you cant do without admin access. you could get some basic programs to work (like limewire. i only know because ive done it before), but really most modern programs, in order for them to work right, need to be installed on the HDD.
Using documents from a flash drive on public computer?
If I open but don't save pictures and documents on a public computer is there anyway that someone could use spyware to get those documents or other information from my flash drive?

How can I detect if there's software that spies on you in a public computer?
Simple answer? Public computers are inherently NOT safe.
What is Flash when getting a computer at a public library. I'm asked if I need a computer with it?
When I log-on in my Public Library, the Librarian always ask if I need a computer with Flash. I keep forgetting to ask what that means.
Read articles in the links below.
What are some funny flash mob ideas to do in the public?
If you dont know what a flash mob is, here are some examples......a bunch of people doing the single ladies dance out of nowhere in a public place, having like 100 people freeze and stay still for like 5 minutes in a walmart or subway station, have a bunch of people do the thriller dance, etc.
So, what are some other,funny, original ideas for a flash mob that wont be too hard to plan?
everyone crowd McDonalds at once. See how fast they are or instant RUSH HOUR!!!!
How can I download mp3's off of a public computer onto my flash drive?
I am using a public computer to access my video downloads and music downloads to take to my home computer of which I don't have internet yet. I want to know how I get around the blocks on a public computer
I would try to log off of the user that are on and try to log on as admin or administrator. It will probably be password protected but sometimes you get lucky and whoever set up the machine chose not to use a password. When the log on screen for admin or administrator pop-up it will have a spot for a password. Just hit enter instead of putting a password in. If its not protected it will log right in. Try it and you might get lucky. There are other ways but Im not gonna post them in here.
Good Luck,
POLL: Have you ever flashed your boobs to the public while your face is hidden?
say you're behind a window and people are passing by. you positioned yourself in front of that window and hid your face and flashed your boobs to the public, while you're watching.

what did you feel right after when men stared at your boobs?

if you ask me, it made me horny.
I've done it, but I don't care if they see my face. And yes, it can make me very horny.

The best was having sex up against a hotel window on the second floor in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Knowing that people could see me really made it incredible.

Can you legally do a flash mob in public?
Do you have to talk to the owner of the place your at or do you just do it?
You can do it...but they might make you leave
Has anyone ever been arrested for flashing in public?
I admit that I'm an exhibitionist. I just love being nude and it gives me a thrill to flash people. I think part of the adrenaline rush is knowing that I might get caught. I've flashed all ages (not guyren), both men and women and mostly receive big smiles. Has anyone been arrested for this?
Yes you can be arrested....only if the person being flashed complains.

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