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Does Russian parents use spanking?
I have heard that Russian parents frequently use spanking as a disciplinary method to their guyren. Is this true?
you know it depends on a family=). Not many people will speak about it, but it is possible. But definitly not frequently And it is not so bad as many people think. Usually the guyren behave them very-very bad when they are punished like this.
And the question is rather strange=) Do you know the country where nobody use spanking?=) So it depends on the family, not on the nationality.
What made Russian president Medvedev to rebuke PM Putin over the use the word "crusade" in reference to?
UN military operation in Libya.
Should we read some signs of disobedience. Was he 'spanked" (Medvedev)?
Medvedev and Putin decided to divide the electorate turf between them. The former positions himself as a "progressive pro-Western politician" while the former plays on the ground of the Russian nationalists (in reality he appeals not to the Russian nationalists but rather to people with the Soviet mentality). I wouldn't be surprised if their differences are orchestrated.
Is Spanking a good deterrant for adults?
About a year or so ago I read an artical that a russian study showed that 60 lashes of a cane on the bare bottoms of adults
Helped with:



and more. What do you think?
The problem is that it might not be a deterrent at all. It might actually encourage the behavior you're trying to curb. What should I do?
Question about spanking in Russia?
Is it a common thing? My boyfriend is Russian, and he wants me to spank him. How should I go about this? What is commonly used in Russia? How is it done the Russian way? Do other Russians like this? Why is my boyfriend so weird?
Americans like it too ;P
Models in spanking movies?
the models in those russian, czech movies, are they real like they are filming it because they like being spanked, caned or do you think they are being forced to do it like they are human traffickings?
In most cases, whether it's foreign spanking films or made in America, the model isn't forced. Nor does she do it because she "likes" being spanked. Like any subsection of the sex industry (porn, stripping, prostitution), the main motivation is the amount of money that may be made in a short time. A person can make several hundred for a few hours of work, and then not have to actually come in to work again for several days. It's a very lucrative business.
How did your parents disipline you?
mine used to put me in the corner for a time out...& an occasional spank.
i dont know if thats just a russian thing or others did that too.
what did your parents do?
when i was younger, my dad would beat me. now, i get things taken away, cell, computer, tv, or i'm not allowed to see my friends. sometimes, if my brother and i are fighting he'll punch me.
When Nicholas Romanov was 12 years old, what violent episode did he witness?
a)his father took him to fight in the Crusades
b)His mother spanked his brother for the crime of staying out late.
c)His grandfather was assassinated by Russian radicals.
d)The tragic death of his father made him czar of Russia.
The answer is (c). Although he didn't see the assassination, he saw his mangled up grandfather after they brought him back to the palace.

Edit: He was not quite thirteen at the time, since his birthday was in May and his grandfather was killed in March.
Security system for guyren (to prevent spanking being used)?
I am against parents spanking them guyren and I see it as abuse.
Did you know that in the UK, a poll done in 1995 showed that 70% of parents have spanked their guyren?

If I had my way, there was be this elaborate system which would be designed to stop parents from doing this.
And yes, I know that they are going to try and stop me with their excuses about discipline and getting tough on juvenile delinquency; then they are going to even threaten me with abuse as so on.
I've heard all before.
Obviously they want to get away with doing this and are going to try and stop me from creating this system; and my job is to ensure that they fail.

This is the security system...
1) Tape recording of abuse is legal and it is a gold standard for evidence.
2) Mobile phones are using to evidence that abuse is going on with secret telephone calls to the police etc.
Guyren toys, their shoes, balls, lego bricks, pencils; even items that look like one of the items that thier parent own would have a device inside it that when pressed would allow security people to hear he abuse live, and GPS would show them where it is.
With the use of wardens on every estate; say 2 wardens for 600 people; they would get to hear the abuse directly through radar or what ever, so that they could stop the parents with in the space of 90 seconds flat.
There would be no tactical games with abuse councelours and court battles and so on; we would just cut to the chase directly.
Internets would be monitored to stop pedophiles, and security gaurds would work in schools to stop guyren being bullied which would mean seperations and possible expulsion if it carries on etc.
There would be security cameras in the classrooms, in nursery schools; and security gaurds not far away like the wardens.
It would be this way in every town and in every city of the nation.

Any caught spanking a guy would get from 3 months to a year in jail, which I think would be a good deterent.

Doctors would check guyren every year to ensure that there were no bruises or marks.
There would be lessons at school on how to stop bullying and parents spanking; parents and guyren at home would be shown how to stop abusive teachers, and so it goes on.

Don't think about using magnets to detect the devices either, they only come on whne they are touched a certain way in sectret; and it is going to be extremily difficult to find them. It could be in a toothbrush for instance.
These devices that work the same as mobile phones, only about 3mm across; and such devices exist. They used it to spy on the Russians.

Any one abusing a guy, can expect a swat team to surround the house in secret; and then the doors get kicked in and the abuser is arrested.

What would you say to that as a security system to stop physical punishment?

This sounds like my nightmare come true - welcome to Big Brother. No thank you.
Is this the worst goal scoring slump of Ovechkin's career?
Over a 15 or 16 game stretch? Me thinks so!

What gives? Have all the Caps steroid allegations been getting to him? The Russians getting spanked at the Olympics? The camera rage that ensued?
Apparently it is. If this continues, he won't be getting the Richard Trophy that he is usually entitled to. He's gone through a lot lately - Olympic letdown (with camera controversy) and two-game suspension. Those steroid allegations never actually mentioned his name - I think that was you!

Anyways, I think the Russians' failure at the Olympics might have to do with, or it is just a plain-old scoring slump that everyone goes through. And what do you know - Crosby has been in a goal-scoring slump of his own. He's scored five goals since the Olympic break - one more than Ovechkin. So I guess this explains how Stamkos has inserted himself into the goal-scoring race.
Spanking at older age common in russia, but here?
I'm a 19 year old girl and came home from college for thanksgiving from University of Kentucky. My father is very strict and immigrated from Russia. In Russia, the punishment are given out by the father. So every time Ive done anything wrong, my dad takes me out to the shed and gives my bare *** a good whipping with a bundle of birch branches or his belt. I never saw this as an issue. But when I got to college and saw how others were, I see that its not normal. When I got home, I back-talked my dad. He took me out there, and told me to drop my pants. I couldn't believe it but I still had to but I took off my pants and underwear and took his 50 strokes with the belt. I cried the whole time and my *** still has bruises and marks (a week later). What should I do? What should I tell him? I said no before and he said then he wont pay for my school. I would rather be punished then have to pay 30000 a year but I want to know if there is another way. Damn russians and their toughness.
Wow. Still get those woopings at 19? OOOOOUUUUUCCCCCHH!! My last wooping was when I was 9 years old. I'm 16. Yea here people don't get whoopings when they get older. Unless your parents are OLD SCHOOL and still believe in the paddle, then yea thats a diffrent story.
Gosh the Russian culture sounds stricter than I thought.

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