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All Comments

Why do teeny bopper fans love Pop singers that can't sing?
In today's pop music sex sells more then singing talent because teeny bopper fans only care about looks.

Britney Spears can't sing.

Miley Cyrus can't sing.

Jonas Brothers can't sing.

Justin Bieber can't sing.

Backstreet boys can't sing.
The Backstreet Boys do have talent. Their voices harmonize together and sound amazing. Look them up singing accapella and you will see.

But you are right, a lot on your list can't sing great. I think the "teenyboppers" just like the complete package of the singer. They like their looks, personality, songs, dance moves, clothes, etc. They also can relate to them and sing along to their songs because they are easy and fun to sing.
Is it okay to have sex with a milf?
im about 14 years of age. i know it will be illegal, so i am talking about like when i turn 18. i think an older woman will appreciate the youthfulness i can bring to the bedroom. or should i just find some teeny bopper girl to have sex with?
Alrite when u turn 18 dawg its ur choice if u wanna have sex with older women go ahead its ur life dawg it don't matter wat other people thnk for me i dont like tht sht i like doin girls tht are my age not too young not too old
I have one teeny pimple looking thing on my penis, im a virgin, and nvr has had any kd of sex, WHAT IS IT?
Plz help, im 16 and scared :(
I'm gonna have to say its a teeny pimple thing.
My girlfriend and me were thinking of spicing up our sex life(this is not a 'teeny' joke only serious answers?
so im 21 and my gf is 24 , and we had a bit of an interesting talk yesterday , we said we need more spice when we make out , we need to try different things to live up one anothers life long fantasy's , so we talked about the things we had always dreamed of doing whilst having sex ..... and i was honest and told her i have always had a Fantasy of making out in some form of gunge or slime , like mud or something its like a fetish i suppose and to my surprise she said OMG that's the exact thing i have always wanted but never told anyone because i thought it would seem weird ...... so anyway we are both really excited now as we said tonight we will do it .... but i need some suggestions for this ...... i mean this will make a mess ... so how can we do this and where and in what would you suggest ???

a friend said try something called 'gelli baff' is that a good idea or not???? i need more suggestions fast????
cover the drain in the bath tub so it doesnt clog and fill it with chocolate pudding or drop an old blanket on the bedroom floor and buy a medium sized plastic swimming pool and fill it with cherry jello not only is it gungey or slimey makes cleaning each other up fun!!!
How do fish have sex?
Both sexes are smooth around the entire body. i dont see a teeny weeny or a JayJay!
Fish don't have sex as we think of it. To my knowledge, most fish simply release eggs into the water, and then the males will fertilize them. They don't get to have any fun XD
Is it normal to bleed a little during anal sex?
I had anal with a guy the other night and right as he was getting into it he stopped and said "baby im makin you bleed" he pulled out and we went to clean up in the shower and he was freaking out and asked why i didn't ask him to stop...i never felt anything that was uncomfortable and i wasn't bleeding very much, just a teeny bit of blood what could it have been? I was in no pain at all while we were doing it or even after when i was cleaning up but there was a bit of blood.
No, use a little more goose grease and do it more often , it needs to be broke in.
Why do all these teeny-boppers on here post their pictures online?? Do they fear anything these days?
I'm a college student now, so I wasn't a teen long ago. BUT, I can't believe how terrible things have gotten! These guys are looking for attention and it's driving me crazy!! Do they really want to learn the hard way??? How many programs have they seen in which guyren are murdered and used as sex tools? What will get it into their heads that they're not invincible and that these tragedies can unfortunately so easily happen to them?
They are convinced it will never happen to them
Has anyone ever thought about how Now and then has similar characters as sex and the city?
Okay In that movie now and then there is this girl name sam.She is a writer who is trying to figure out life.Just like Carrie.Then there is teeny.She is semi-famous and is a total man-eater.Just like samantha.
And then there is Berta who is a tom-boy and has problems expressing her feelings.Just like Miranda.And last but not least there's chrissy.She is a neat, controlling,woman who doesn't like profanity and has a certain archaic outlook of what life should be.Just like charlotte
Never saw it but if your description is that, and it is a good description by the way, then yeah, I'd say definitely. Sitcoms are constantly one upping each other on hospital or homicide shows, so yes, I would say so.
Is anyone else finding the teeny bobber Twilight fans VERY annoying?
I've been a fan for years but now there's lots of 11 year olds who are like 'ZOMGZ Edward Cullen is teh sex' (meaning Robert Pattinson
Not to be mean-spirited about it but...JESUS YES! It was bad enough when they first started taliking about making the film then the film,then what was right/wrong about it,then who was sexy and who wasn't and on and on and on. NOW it's all about the dvd! Is it different depending on where you buy it? How much is it? Do you think what's- his-name is sexy? Who hates Bella as much as I do? Honestly,it's putting me off even thinking about reading the series or seeing the film. These little girls have obviously drank the Kool-Aid
Where you live are goths associated with sex?
In my teeny little sheltered town the goths are very...sexual and comfortable with each other. I have a lot of goth friends, but I stay outta that stuff.

Where you live do the goth have the same kind of association?
i don't have any goths where i live.

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