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All Comments

How can young women be educated about anal sex.?
it seems a lot of them have inhibitions about it. and they also beleive in certain myths regarding anal sex.
I think women are generally well clued up on sexual matters, including anal sex.

Maybe if you are finding women 'inhibited' and that they cite myths re anal sex, what you are really experiencing is them not wanting anal sex with YOU.

They are probably using myths etc to let you down gently in order to spare your feelings.

But the same girls, given the right guy, will have zero inhibitions and certainly won't believe old myths!

But only certain guys are good enough for a woman to allow herself to have anal sex with.

And those guys never need to ask questions like this one!
What are the consequences of anal sex?
I was listening to Dr. Drew on the Loveline last night (radio show lol) and he said that younger people who have anal sex regularly now, will have complications later on in life.. and he mentioned colon cancer.. (yikes)
I was just wondering if this was true, and if there have been any studies to prove it.
Just curious.
Thanks in advance.
The link between cancer and this particular deviant sexual act is well documented but it is considered "politically incorrect" and offensive to homosexuals to even discus it. In addition to the cancer and AIDS risk a person doing this will eventually have their rectum damaged so that they can no longer control their bowels and will be forced to wear a diaper for the rest of their lives. It's just another form of abuse against women and that is one of the reasons that the sodomy laws were started.
Can anal sex cause the sphincter to stop working?
I have taken care of alot of older adults who can no longer control bowel movements. Could anal sex make this happen to young people too?
Yes. If you practice anal sex regularly over a long period of time it can cause weakening of the anal sphincter. If it's a fairly rare thing, you're probably fine.
Is anal sex sore? please help!?
No one answered my last question so ill ask again. I'm 15 and gay just found another guy. Gotten to know him for a while and now we going to have sex. Is anal sex sore? Am I to young for anal sex? And I heard it feels really great! Was that a lie? Oh and I'm male obviously.
Hey Logan,

Well, I am not telling you to have sex, but answering your question. It will hurt/be sore, etc. but at the same time it will feel good. Sorry, can't explain it. There is a male "G" spot that is in there that will be rubbed against, and this is what makes it feel good, even though there is pain. I don't really feel comfortable explaining to you how to have sex or if it is OK and all of this stuff. Just trying to give you the facts as you asked.

If you do this, make sure he is wearing a condom and uses lots of lubricant. You may decide then, or after a few times that this isn't for you and you do like it. There are a lot of gay guys that don't like to "Bottom" That's what it it is called when you do this, receive it anally. Just because you are gay doesn't mean you have to do this unless you want to or try it. Fine if you like it, and the other is wearing a condom, but you will/can decide on your own if you do or do no like/prefer it. The person doing it is considered to be a "Top" See the language differences them/you? Top/Bottom.

So. I guess to answer your question simply would be that the lie is that it will not hurt. It will, but can feel good at the same time (Again, Can't explain....Too long).

I understand the whole thing of not knowing, wanting to try it, and just knowing. Use protection, lots of lube, try to relax and everything should be fine.

There is nothing wrong with this or being gay. So, if yo get any other answers telling you so, or immature, ridiculous things....Ignore them!

My main concern for you is that you play safe (Condoms) and don't just do this with everyone you come across (Not saying you will/are, just saying). I know you said you have gotten to know him. That's good. And....And....And....And....He better not be 18 years old or older! in some states even at 16 it is considered molestation/rape.

I know you are going to do what you want, I'm just trying to give you advice and help while doing it. There is nothing wrong with being gay at all! Just have fun safely!

Take care!
Can you have anal sex if you have threadworms?
This is my step-sis asking! I am too young and a virgin! she wants to know if you can have anal sex with threadworms?
First of all everyone knows its you. Second no, when he sticks his penis in your ***, he will get worms. But if i were him, I would still ride your *ss hole!
Is intercrural sex sex popular in Japan among young men?
It's like Sumata (素股) but it's between two men instead of man/woman. Or is anal sex more common/accepted?
intercrural sex. I had to look it up in an unabridged dictionary to find the original of "crural." (I'm an amateur entomologist)
of course "inter" means "between," from Latin
"crural" From Latin crūrālis, from crūs (“leg”) (stem: crūr-) Wow 5 years of Latin didn't know that one.

Back in the USA, we call that the "Strait of Gibraltar," or "sub-badunkadunk" sex.

I pride myself on knowing all the Japanese slang you won't find in Lonely Planet, and like Pillbox, seen it before, but never thought I'd see 素股 on Yahoo Answers. LOL. But knowledge of what two men do together in a love hotel is not exactly my bailiwick.
My guess is now one of the male regular posters on Y!A Japan section will email you a vivid description, with photos and a .wmv attachment, and invitation to "hang out" sometime.

When it comes to me, though, I do not advocate 素股 AKA Strait of Gibraltar because there's no use beating around the bush. (pun definitely intended) And if you can't communicate your intention with your partner, there's bound to be some friction. (pun #2) Then again if he's Mr. Right, you'll stick together through thick and thin. (#3) Most of all, you want to avoid being in a tight spot (#4), Or then again maybe you don't. You'll be hard pressed to find a guy (#5) with the same hobby as you.
Pornograhics is teaching unsafe sex acts causing HIV/AIDS and should pornograhic sellers be sued?
Pornograhics are teaching the young to have anal sex and unprotected sex .Should sellers and makers of pornograghics be sued by government or should government be sued for approving film that causes disease.?David Harris.
Pornography is hardly a "teaching tool" for anything; it is a form of entertainment geared towards a specific adult audience, and countless federal court rulings have upheld its legality under the First Amendment. Neither is pornography responsible for any epidemic. It is the person who engages in such risky behavior that is ultimately responsible. (Taking human nature into account, one does not truly need porn to be able to partake in such acts to begin with.)
Is it safe to have anal sex whilst i have hemroids ?
I am 23 years old and feel i am probably a bit too young to have hemroids. However the sad fact of life is that I do.
Is it safe to receive anal sex whilst having them ?
I had to ask here as I am to embarrased to ask my doctor.
Doug Kopcke
I should think it would be very painful you had better be Arthur not Martha until they are better.
Do i need to wear a condom with anal sex?
me and my girlfriend have been going out for about nine months, shes 15 and im 16. ive fingered her a thousand times but the other day we had anal sex. there was no preparation involved. i was wet and she was willing so my juices served as lubricant. and since we're kinda young we both no we dont have any stds. but should i wear a condom as we continue anal sex?
It's best to, it's cleaner, and if you mix it with vaginal sex, you could cause problems (there are yeasts in the rectum that could infect the vagina).
Always use a fresh condom for any sort of penetrative sex.

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