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Whats that movie with the asian guy and young girl that are having sex?
its not Shanghai kiss its way old and its like a cheap film. i saw it on hbo or one of those channels. the girl in the movie is narrating it as shes older. the guy takes her to chinatown or someplace in a little hut type thing.
The Lover (L'amant)
What do you think of old men with young Asian women?
Like sometime ago I saw this old men with a young Asian woman, maybe from Thailand.
She was maybe in her 20s and he in his 60s or 70s. She was walking him.
Do you think that was something dodgy or really just a nurse ?
She looked kind of attractive also. Too attractive for him.
Maybe he was paying her for sex you think ?
Those old men should find women their own age. If they can't talk to women of their age, they should go to speech therapy or counseling. But I think they need to stop trying to use women as toys and get some self respect. I also think these women need to stop trying to steal the inheritance of those old men's guys and find men that really love them...not ones that are trying to "buy their services."
How do you feel about guyern as young as 7 years old are sold for sex in Asian Countries?
and how many american men travel there just have sex with them... SICK I KNOW
That's a poweful reason to implement the death penalty......
Why do the america like sexually abusing young asian girls ? do they think all asians girls are all whores .?
most of all tourist in asia are american.they have only one thing in mind when they go in asia.not sightseeing but mostly sex... sometimes business but only a few american travel to asia for business lol. but mostly there concern are sex with asian girl do you think american guys are sex starve people lol.or even sex maniac... eeee yuck lol.
I know how you feel. It's sickening. Most of those tourists you're talking about are white males.
"Top detectives blasts 'culture of silence' that allows Asian sex gangs to groom white girls ...?
because police and social services fear being branded racist.

The News from MailOnline reported by "CHRIS BROOKE" gives this quote from an authority in England about just a small proportion that have been convicted of these horrendous sex crimes that have been going on for a decade.
"Three of 56 were white, 53 were Asian. Of those, 50 were Muslim and a majority were members of the British Pakistani community".
For years the police and the social services have watched these communities befriend, abuse and rent out young white teenage girls for sex. Every one is too frightened to speak about it because of the stigma they would be branded with as a "racist".
So is this right to keep it quiet, (Silence is Golden) or should the authorities start speaking out to inform and reach dialogue with the communities involved?
This news to me is disheartening.
Any examination of the Muslim community comes with a charge of islamapbia or racism

The race card is played with great skill.....and wickedness

It has allowed vile crimes like this to continue

And it is yet another example of the communities covering up unlawful despicable behavior

Yes the authorities should speak out loud and clear because it is vulnerable british girls who are
the victims here
What happens if a young girl does sex?
i know but i feel a lil asian blonde. is it possible if a 11 year old to get pregnant. won't it hurt when the baby comes out? i am sorry but i am just bored.
Well, if she's had a regular menstrual cycle, then yes, she probably could, but it wouldn't be very good for her body.
How can I find a young gay asian guy inBrighton uk?
i am a white guy trying to meet an asian guy for sex fun in Brighton
try Yahoo Personals
Is it wrong to get an asian bride?
I see a lot of guys who are old and fat and horrible people go to places like vietnam and get beautiful young asian woman to marry them, it always seemed wrong to me, the mn was using her for sex and she was using him for a visa, there was no love involved, but now i am getting older (well 28) and i am a virgin, and i want nothing more than to find a nice girl to marry.
This all has something to do with choice. And a matter of "Whatever makes you happy" Your girl and your day will come. Just hang in there.
I am an asian and studying in UK now. I found that there are few christian in the young people group.?
Young people here just like alcohol, party and casual sex very much. I dun know whats the situation in US or Canada. Is it the same?
Its the same everywhere, but I cant quite see the relevance of religion coming into this.
What is the term in the porn world for a young girl having sex with an older man?
There are terms for everything these days, and I was wondering...

What would the term/word be for a young girl having sex with an older man?
By young girl I mean 18 year old young woman, having sex with a mid to late twenties man.

I'm writing an essay about the topic- morality vs. passion- and I don't want to repeatedly use the same phrase. So if someone knows the term for a teen or pre-adolescent girl having sex with an older man, and could tell me, that would definitely help me score higher on my paper.

I'm looking for the word used in the porn industry- specifically in Asian Hentai. I don't mean guy molestation or that the guy is a pedophile,as that generally applies to girls under 18, and I'm looking for the term that would apply to a mid-twenties girl that looks much younger.
An 18 year old with a mid-to-late 20s man?

The term is called "sex".

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